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Swedish Massage

Massages to Soothe and Relieve Pain

Escape from your daily routine with one of our therapeutic massages. At My Foot Spa & Massage, we offer a variety of massages to reduce pain, relieve stress, and help you feel wonderful. To add to the relaxation and enjoyment, we play soothing music for a calming effect. Contact us today to book your therapeutic massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Ease muscle tension with a deep tissue massage. This massage utilizes special techniques to release pain in all of the body's pressure points. 60 Minutes for $59.99

Swedish Massage

Soothe sore muscles with our Swedish massage. This all-purpose massage aims to relieve tension and stress throughout the body. 60 Minutes for $59.99

Deep Tissue & Swedish Combo Massage

Get the best of both worlds by combining deep tissue and Swedish massage into one session. By loosening the pressure points and then soothing the muscles, you get the ultimate relaxing experience. 60 Minutes for $59.99, 30 Minutes for $50.00  Minutes for $89.99

Hot Stone Massage

Increase circulation and reduce inflammation and tension in the muscles with our hot stone massage. This massage lessens pain and will make you feel totally at ease. 60 Minutes for $79.99 and 90 Minutes for $119.99

Chair Massage

Relieve tension in the back, neck, and shoulders with a chair massage. 10 Minutes for $10.00 20 Minutes for $20.00, or 30 Minutes for $40.00